Cut capital costs.
Boost IT productivity.
Go green.

Not bad for a day’s work.


The HUB 400 series

The riches of the cloud. A fraction of the cost.

Powered by Windows Server 2016

The HUB 400 series

It’s simple math.

The Problem

The cloud offers huge promise for retailers and service-based enterprises,
but thin clients are costly, with underwhelming performance.

The Solution

High performance virtualization at ¼ the cost of conventional thin clients.
Seamless integration with Microsoft enterprise-class software.
Automatic failover for full redundancy.


  • Cost effective. 75% savings vs. conventional thin clients, 90% savings vs PCs.
  • Reliable. Plug and play for retailers/POS, including barcode scanners & peripherals.
  • Proven. Currently in use in 100,000s of  terminals. Expertise from the creators of MultiPoint Server.
  • Perfect for all customer applications: retail, food/beverage, hospitality, banks, training & call centers.
  • Green IT solution with substantial energy savings.
  • Efficient. Full redundancy and auto-failover capabilities for 99.999% uptime capability.
  • Ideal for high-demand environments. No moving parts; can be sealed water-tight.
  • USB over Ethernet technology delivers fastest, highest quality video performance.

How much will you save?

Enter your own values:
The HUB: $99
The HUB: $100

Default values based on 2012 Microsoft enterprise customer market research.


The Specs

Optimized for Windows Server 2016 (USB over LAN)

18-month warranty

  • 4 x USB 2.0 ports
  • I/O Switch (Power ON/OFF button)
  • 1 x Power Jack
  • 1 x USB port for host connection (B type)
  • Reset Function Button (clear assignment and recall factory default)
  • 1 x 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet port for host connection
  • 1 x VGA output
The HUB 400 Series
As seen in the Microsoft Retail Experience Center
The HUB is a superb option for retail environments.
Marty Ramos, CTO, Microsoft Retail Experience Center

Happy Customers

I am so glad we did not bite off on VDI; for the investment required $60K per site, the gains did not come.  We saved 85% on virtualization hardware with GreenBridge and Microsoft... That is scalable.
Laura Boehme Director, Technology Infrastructure, Oregon
David and GreenBridge have our full support, and are addressing a vastly underserved market.
Chris Phillips General Manager, Windows Server, Microsoft Corporation
With the pace of technology changes, keeping current is a constant challenge. Partnering with GreenBridge and Microsoft allow us to deliver computing at a fraction of the current investment model, which frees up capital. Conservatively, I see this being less than 40% of our traditional investment model. We also see it as a green solution because it uses less energy and ultimately adds less to landfills.
Jim Thie VP Technology, YearUp

Our Story

In 2010, David Yunger left a career as a senior manager at Microsoft to find a better bridge to the cloud.

At Microsoft, David launched Windows MultiPoint Server – software delivering the benefits of virtualization at a fraction of the cost. What he discovered: cloud hardware was both expensive – and underperformed users’ expectations.

In collaboration with the Microsoft Retail Experience Center, Mr. Yunger discovered that retailers and hospitality industry customers were

hungry for a simple, efficient, reliable, and low-cost means to deliver a high-performing POS solution.

Together, we unveiled THE HUB.

Our solutions are in action in hundreds of thousands of terminals across the US and in more than a dozen countries worldwide. We deliver all the richness of world-class cloud hardware, at a tiny fraction of the cost of conventional thin clients. We look forward to serving you!

David and the GreenBridge team

As a triple-bottom-line social enterprise, GreenBridge delivers value to our shareholders, the communities we serve, and our planet. We do this by creating affordable technology access, reducing energy use by up to 80% – and donating the equivalent of 5% of our profits to schools in low-income communities around the globe. You can learn more about our work in education at

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